Debunking the Hype: Is Starlink Worth Buying in Rural Saskatchewan?

Is Starlink worth buying? Initially hailed as a promising solution for remote communities grappling with limited connectivity, Starlink’s network has encountered technical challenges which hinder their users from enjoying their internet connection. But, does it truly live up to the hype?

is starlink worth buying


The Promise of Starlink: Is It Delivering?

When Starlink burst onto the scene, it promised to revolutionize rural internet access. With claims of high-speed internet, low latency, and a vast satellite network, it offered a glimmer of hope to communities that have long been overlooked by traditional internet service providers. 

But are they delivering? Well, as the dust settles and the network matures, Starlink users are experiencing issues not only with their connection and speed, but also with the poor customer service they are getting from Starlink.

3 Current Issues Faced by Starlink

  1. Technical Challenges: Users in rural Saskatchewan and globally are becoming increasingly frustrated with slower-than-promised internet speeds and high latency, despite Starlink’s initial pledge of high-speed broadband. Independent speed tests and reports have unveiled inconsistent download speeds that fail to meet users’ expectations.

    This lack of reliability not only impacts everyday internet browsing but also severely hampers more data-heavy activities like streaming media and participating in video calls.
  1. Cost Considerations: The steep connection fees and regular monthly expenses associated with Starlink’s internet services have led residents in Saskatchewan to seek other alternatives. The monthly fee for Starlink’s residential internet service stands at $140 CAD. Users also need to pay for the Starlink hardware separately, with residential use priced at $759 CAD, business use at $3,170, and RV usage at $599. (Note, paying for hardware such as routers is common, but the cost through a regular ISP is a fraction of this cost).

    Adding to the problem is the absence of any assurance regarding reliable and consistent service, despite the substantial costs involved. As a result, customers find themselves paying premium prices for a service that is not consistently reliable.
  1. Customer Support: Prompt and efficient customer support is crucial for any internet service, especially in remote areas. Some Starlink users have expressed concerns about response times and technical assistance. It’s essential to weigh this aspect, as reliable customer support can make or break an internet experience.

According to the latest update from Trustpilot, Starlink’s performance receives negative ratings across all aspects on Trustpilot. Approximately 60% of users who reviewed the service gave it a mere 1-star rating.

Wood River Internet: Your Trusted Local ISP in Rural Saskatchewan

At Wood River Internet, we understand the unique challenges faced by rural communities in Saskatchewan. We have been diligently working to bridge the digital divide and provide reliable, high-speed internet services to our valued customers. Our commitment to the community runs deep, and our local presence ensures personalized and prompt customer support.

As we critically examine the question, “Is Starlink worth buying?“, we encourage rural residents in Saskatchewan to consider the current issues faced by Starlink. While it shows promise, it might not be the ideal solution for everyone.

At Wood River Internet, we continuously invest in improving our infrastructure, enhancing our services, and staying at the forefront of new technology to cater to the evolving needs of our rural communities.

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Conclusion: Is Starlink Worth Buying?

While Starlink has made strides in bringing internet connectivity to remote areas, Wood River Internet’s track record of reliability, competitive pricing, and personalized support makes us a strong contender in the quest for better rural internet.

At Wood River Internet, we stand firm in our commitment to providing dependable, affordable, and locally-supported internet services. We believe in a future where rural residents in Saskatchewan can harness the full power of the internet to thrive, connect, and achieve their dreams.

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