Now Available: Affordable Streaming TV Packages

Finding affordable streaming TV packages can be difficult. Wood River Internet’s streaming TV packages are specially designed to bring affordable entertainment to residents of rural Saskatchewan. With our Streaming TV Packages, you can enjoy your favorite shows and channels without breaking the bank.

streaming tv packages

What is Streaming TV?

Streaming TV is a modern, flexible, and cost-effective way to watch television content, offering viewers more control over what they watch all delivered through an internet connection.

According to “Streaming TV has been around for years. Switching from cable TV to streaming services was once more of a cost-cutting rarity. However, it’s become more mainstream now. There are many people who started to watch streaming TV during the pandemic instead of traditional TV to add to their entertainment options while social distancing.”

Why Choose Wood River Internet’s Streaming TV Service?

Wood River TV is your best streaming TV option. Here’s why:

  • Channel Selection: Our streaming TV service offers lots of TV shows and channels to choose from. Whether you love watching TV channels with sports, movies, drama series, or documentaries, Wood River TV ensures that there’s something for everyone in your household. 
  • No  Contracts: Our streaming TV service allows you to cancel or change your service whenever you’d like without penalty. Plus, no hidden fees. Our transparent pricing means you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for each month.
  • Affordable Packages: One of the biggest advantages of Wood River Internet’s streaming TV packages is affordability. We offer cost-effective subscription packages, allowing you to enjoy quality TV without straining your pockets. Our plans start at only $24.95/month, which gives more savings for you and your family!

What Streaming TV Packages Are Available for Residents of Rural Saskatchewan?

At Wood River Internet, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable services to residents of rural Saskatchewan. Our streaming TV packages are tailored to meet your needs.

Check out these affordable streaming TV deals:

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How to Sign Up with Our Affordable Streaming TV Packages?

Signing up for Wood River Internet’s Streaming TV service is easy. Simply give us a call at (306) 992-5516, and our friendly (and local)  customer service team will guide you through the process. 

If you prefer a more convenient option, you can also sign up online by visiting our website at