Transferring your email to Gmail/Hotmail

We’re phasing out the email service. This article serves as a tutorial on how to export your email to other providers.


  1. Open and Login to your account at
  2. Click settings located in the top right.

3. A Sub-menu will appear. Click “See all settings”

4. Click “Accounts and Import” and then “Import mail and contacts” as shown in the image below.

5. In the popup window enter your email address

6. Fill out the form as shown in the image below.
Password: Your password.
** If you do-not know your password. Please call our office (306) 992-5516 Option 2 to reach support and get your password reset. **
POP username: This is your email address.
POP server:

7. Configure your import options. Make sure that “Import mail” is checked, along side “Add label to all imported mail”. If you do-not check the “Add label” option, the email will be mixed into into the mix of the rest of your emails.

8. Finished. Click ok. This part may take a while. Please be patient while Google remotely fetches your email.