Discover a New Rural Internet in Saskatchewan

Eliminate the hassle and worry of overages and slow-down periods by subscribing to one of our internet packages. All of our packages have ZERO DATA CAPS and NO SLOW DOWNS. It is truly unlimited. Re-discover the potential of the internet through Wood River Internet. Contact our customer service department.
internet in Saskatchewan

Internet Coverage?

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Wood River Internet

Saskatchewan's fastest and most reliable high speed internet. Truly Unlimited high-speed Wireless Internet! No data caps. Unlimited devices and streaming..
Wood River Internet continues to invest heavily in expanding our service area. We can now reach all corners of the province, given enough local interest. If you and your neighbors are struggling to get fast, reliable, Truly Unlimited high-speed Internet, Contact Us to register for installation. Once we have enough interest to support the investment, we will bring our network to you and your neighbors!

Truly Unlimited

All of our internet packages come with no usage limits and no slow-downs.

Reliable & Green

Our network is composed of industry leading equipment, fueled by a hybrid of grid, wind and solar. We strive to leave the smallest ecological footprint while providing the best possible service.